Developer Community Website

A small team worked together to create a resource website for clients and partners who used the Schoolwires K-12 CMS platform to develop custom tools for their websites. I worked to establish the information architecture and flow of the site, wrote content and managed a consultant who helped with the project.



The Problem

The company wanted to recruit more partners and empower clients to create their own tools. We had a builder for our platform but there was a learning curve to understand the syntax and components they needed to use. The goal of the website was to give 3rd party and client developers a place to find documentation, code examples, component libraries and discussion posts which would enable them to create custom tools for their sites. As the program and platform grew, they could submit the tools they built for approval and sharing. 



Card Sorting

After the team brainstormed all of the resources and content pieces that should be presented on the site, I worked with individuals from different departments of the company to determine the information architecture. I wrote each content piece down on a card and asked each person to organize them as they thought made sense, adding section headers if they wanted. At the end of the exercise many of the content pieces had emerged into common groupings. I compared each person's organization of the cards and worked out the best structure for the site based on their thoughts and comments. 


Work on the information architecture based on the results of the card sort

Work on the information architecture based on the results of the card sort



Site Content

Since this project involved populating the site as well as designing the information architecture and flow, I worked alongside a software architect to write the content. She focused on the technical documentation and I focused on the written copy. We also interviewed and hired a technical writing consultant to help since our deadline was short. My colleague created templates for the documentation and I managed the consultant who populated the elements that didn't require specific product expertise.


The finished site

The finished site

The Result

Jason Coudriet, our design director, designed the visual template for the site and we launched it for the use of the developer community program.